Qualified Town & Regional Planning Practitioner

Located in the Northern suburbs of the Western Cape Metropole

Land Use Planning and Development Specialist

Specializing in all types of town planning and land use related services including but not limited to:
  • Rezoning and change of land use
  • Subdivision of all land ranging from large single residential stands for densification purposes or farms for agri- industrial or resort zone use
  • Temporary Departures for a temporary change of land use valid for 5 years
  • Consent use applications to establish secondary use e.g. crèches, guest houses etc.
  • Amendment of Site Development Plans to increase viability of development proposals
  • Amendment of approval conditions to suit investor’s specific needs
  • Removal of restrictive title deed conditions to enable land to be utilized to its full development potential without being encumbered by archaic deed restrictions
  • Sectional Title Development Schemes
  • Conceptual layout designs
  • Detail planning and design incorporating urban design principles
  • Renewable energy projects; SERE windfarm for Eskom in the Northern Cape and Slimsun Solar facility in Darling